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  1. At this moment I'm only two(?) weeks away from my first Spotify release, I think about all the things that could be better; Quality, guitar playing, voice etc. Luckily I've been listening alot to Bob Dylan. He is a great source of inspiration to me with his simple way of singing and playing. He doesn’t seem to care if his voice or harmonica is “out of tune”. That’s not important. The message is important. 

    I hope this will be the overall feel from my first album as well. I hope it will bring the message, and also the fun I have with some of the songs. There is a sensitive, heart aching feel to some of the songs; my cry to the people/person I thought of. There osv also a playful, childlike sence about some other songs. 

    No matter what I sure enjoy the train I'm on, and the where I'm heading to. I am so “young” in the music making industri, and I try not to be ashamed about flaus in the songs. I challenge you to feel good enough at your place in life aswell, not needing to stribe for something better at all cost. 

    Photo by Daniel Karlsen

  2. When I was in my early teens, and probably earlier than that, I started writing pieces of songs.
    It happened "naturally", but nothing ever became of it - Until 2016. The year my grandfather died.

    My grandfather had become a close friend in his last two years, and in my mourning I wrote a song about him. The song got written on an existing melody ("The More I Seek You" by Klaus and Kari Jobe), and I chose to play it at his funeral, using simple piano chords I had been practicing on before hand. This song is not yet released.

    In 2017, one of the local train stations burned down.
    I have known my love for old houses a few years now, but didn't know how much I felt attached to them.
    The feelings inside me were boiling down to this first "real" song; Fire.
    This is where my sorrow traveled - To my imagination, where I tried to sence the past. I tried to imagine how it looked like back when.

    Dalsvatn (2)
    The remains of Dalsvatn train station; the side building

    The creation of this song gave me a lot of joy, and so I continued.
    This summer, I also stepped up and started practicing my guitar playing for real.
    I played for five hours every day in two weeks, determined to get where I was going, if I can use Paisleys term. 

    Now, one year and two months later, I am recording the songs I write using Garage Band, using my simple skills playing guitar, and it works!
    The dream is alive, and I know where I'm going - Not worldwide in reality, but worldwide in myself. 
    I am exploring the love I have for this, no matter how many people it will reach. 
    I am living. That's what it feels like. I do what I love, and my first CD is only weeks away! 

    Therefore I tell you; Follow your heart. 
    Move in the direction of your happiness, and explore the opportunities ahead!
    You might be surprised by your destination.

    Photo by Daniel Karlsen