Facts on BLUE DAYS (Released in September 2021)

As usually the needed time and inspiration set in - but earlier than usual; This time I only had about 6 songs finished (text and melody) on my list. But who said I had to release an entire album? So I quickly landed on the idea of an EP, and ended up collecting four of my songs, as these had a similar feeling to them (You may not have noticed, but I usually don't write songs about love, loss, longing and sorrow). I decided to do the recordings as "honest" and raw as they should be. Two personal methods for this; Recording guitar and vocal simultaneously, and skipping metronome/click-track. These methods were used on three of the songs.

New lessons
<Reverb> I experimented more than usual with the reverb. Like on "Where Is My Heart", I used plate and ambient reverb, as well as time adjuster. But unlike before I panned the reverbs in different directions this time - where I thought they balanced well. 
I also worked on the frequences of the reverb; Lowering the amount of reverb on lower frequences; espesially on "Waiting Blues" where the dark tones from the guitar made some unnecessary "noice".

Usually I name the album after the song I think describes the collection of songs best. "Wreck" is short and easy, but would not serve the other songs their right. Neighter would "Waiting Blues", so this time I selected a title outside of the song list. I was for a while considering making an instrumental track, and name this "Blue Days", but it didn't come to that. As recording day came to an end on the 9th of September I thought; "I probably have a melodi on my phone I could use". Absolutely. My phone is packed with melodies I have not yet used, and one of them had a half-way lyric. The lyric made no sence of course, as I usually sing out inventive sentences in the moment of recording the melody. But I ended up using most of the inventive sentences with small changes (they could have been worse), then adding more meat to the bone as they say. Within ten minutes I had finished this song. It also made perfect sence closing the EP with this song, now that the election is on a high note in Norway, and the big topic at the moment being climate changes and our part in helping out. ...Another big topic is how we've not reached our goal set from the Paris Agreement. Well, blue days are gonna come.