Blue Days

Lyrics by Lene

Written 29.06.2021

Bedtime linger in my head
All tucked in on my bed
Missing your face and goofy smile
Haven’t seen it in a while

T’was the time of love and war
Heartache stood outside our door
You were tough and I felt week
Forgot to turn the other cheek

I was yours and you were mine
It was hard but we were fine
Love was bigger than the sky
Wonder why we said goodbye
Ooooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

Now I wanna go back
Back to love and war
Back to tough and sore
I wanna pick up the pieces left on the kitchen floor

I wanna go back
Back to giving my all
Back to stumble and fall
And get picked up by you every time I do

I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back

Written 01.05.2021

Would you leave me if I told you to Would you go
Would you pack your bag and get back on the road
I’m telling you this is no place to be
If we’re smart boy you will run away from me

Please go far away
I’m ‘fraid of what would happen if you stay

Please go (Nynn)
Please go (Nynn)

Would you jump out of this train if time is due
Would you stay forever if I want you to
There ain’t no simple way to make this clear
But I wish you were somewhere else than here

‘Cause I like you a little too much
Healing of my heart is in your touch
But somewhere inside I keep tryin’ to hide
Far away from heartache bay

Where I’m a wreck (Nynn)
I’m a wreck (Nynn)

What we could be is all I ever wanted
Since the day I started dreamin’
What we could be is more than I am ready to lose
What if somewhere up ahead
Your love for me is dead

And I’m a wreck (Nynn)
I’m a wreck (Nynn)
I’m a wreck (Nynn)
I’m a wreck (Nynn)

Written 08.07.2021

(Spiller med gitarstemming F# B D G B D)

A morning talk With myself
A lot’a time Sitting on the shelf
Waiting However long You’re gone

Got me a coat For the rain
Don’t wanna get my clothes all wet In this hurricane
Keepin’ cool However long You’re gone

I missed my bus today But that’s on me
I thought I saw you By the golden tree
I’ll keep lookin’ However long You’re gone

Sunrise Oh the sunrise 
When all the birds Are singin’ out loud
They’ll keep it on However long You’re gone

This town Don’t feel the same
And that’s all All on you to blame
It’s been like this However long You’ve been gone

All night All night through
I long to hear Hear the sound of you
I'll be waitin' However long
I'll be waitin' However long
I'll be waitin' However long
You're gone

Written 06.07.2021
G# (G capo 1)

Bitter as gin is the heartache I feel 
Pretending to not be in pain
Your space make me hunger for more usually 
But now it brings nothing but rain
Yesterday was like a field of wild flowers 
Then thunder came rolling by
Now I’m stuck in despair tryn’a find beams of sunshine 
Holdin’ my breath not to cry

Well somehow a day feel as long as December 
Waitin' for time to pass
This beautiful day must have slipped my attention
Starrin' at the bottom of my glass
Sunset came late so I went to bed early 
Hopin' my dreams would come true
I’m missin' a major part of my livin’
Missin' a whole lot’a you

All I wanna do is grab a hold on you
And never let go Never no more
All I wanna say is baby please stay
All I wanna do is love you

Turns out the clouds didn’t come here to stay 
Now the birds are all flying by
Funny how the little things turn out so big 
Now that your love is stuck in my eye
While the weather keeps changin' I’ll keep on prayin’ 
That you won’t go runnin’ away
I’ll make every morning as sweet as pineapples
Hopefully you’re here to stay

All I wanna do is grab a hold on you
And never let go Never no more
All I wanna say is baby please stay
All I wanna do
All I wanna do
All I wanna do is love you

Written 09.09.2021
A (G capo 2)

Tears have been painting my pillow for weeks
Now carefully slowly I’m fixing the leaks of home
Didn’t hear nothing though my ear was on

The record of sorrow was eating my shell
But now I can hear the politicians yell; Election
Discussing how all hope is gone   

So now I am stuck in the middle of fall
The harvest was good but that’s about all
The earth is a’falling and we gotta step up they say
The birds and the winds and the sea and the land
I didn’t hear the cry but there’s dirt on my hand they say
Well blue days are gonna come

My hearing is back and I’m sitting down
Please explain but don’t let me drown
There’s too many opinions for me to get hold on the truth

So I put on another record of pain
The blues is forever just like the rain
But every cloud has a silver lining
And I’mma keep lookin' for that