Facts on YOU WERE THERE (released in 2018)

My very first record, released in 2018. I started writing the songs for my first album and play guitar in 2017, one year pre album release. A good friend gave me a mixing board type Behringer Xenyx X1204. I bought a cheap microphone (SBC MD650) and a less cheap MacBook Pro (8GB) with Garage Band. Then I jumped into this new experience with NO idea what I was doing. It was amazing recording my own songs, even though I was incredible inexperienced and the microphone absolutely could have been replaced - which it luckily was. I bought a studiomic type RØDE NT1-A halfway through the recordings. Some of the songs on the album might have vocals with the old microphone, but most of the songs got new vocal tracks after the replacement. The recordings took place in my livingroom. The earliest ones were recorded winter 2017, and you can hear my fireplace in the background of at least one song.
I read a little bit about recording your own song before I released the beast, and therefor ended up sending the songs to a local guy for mastering. I thought it would be wise to get a professional on the last touches... Maybe the album would sound somewhat OK(?).
There we were! I sure got alot of guitar practice through this project - being a freshman who struggled with changing chords, playing F, and keeping a steady pace. Click track was a good challenge.