Facts on JODELEY (released in August 2020)

Jodeley is the first record released after attending "Årsstudium i Blues"/A one year blues music study at the Notodden University. One result is the blues song "Born To Freeze" (track 5) - totally inspired from all the great blues we've listened to, though I can never escape an album without a little country. During this year I purchased Pro Tools for recording, mixing and mastering. We learned some basics on how to record and mix songs in this software at school. Past years I have recorded in Garage Band, with no experience adjusting EQ, compressor and panning. Also, I have used a local guy for mastering the songs for my other releases. This time I ended up diggin' into this unknown universe, doing the mastering part myself - Even though you're not supposed to! At least I saved some bucks (Everybody knows being a student tears on your wallet). Hope I didn't do a terrible job - I am still a freshman at what I do.
Good news (except for the panning), is the banjo you hear on "Foreign Light" (track 7)! This is not my doings, but Sigve Wilhelmsen (Thank you again!). I must say this is the song I am most happy about right now, I used SO many hours tryin' to get all the other instruments in (because I'm a freshman at every instrument I play), and creating a good balance in EQs, reverbs, panning etc.

New lessons
While listening to the songs after my attempt to master, I found out the vocals were uncomfortable sharp/upfront. I had no idea how to fix this, so I decided to record the worst vocals again, standing further away from the mice. The vocals are still not perfect, but better,

New experiences
I used the sound of rain in "Welcome Sunday" (track 9), and also tried out an acoustic guitar made slide, and a washboard. 

"Foreign Light" was written to be used in a documentary, and you MAY get the pleasure to see this documentary in 2021/22. 
I also used the prosess recording the song as my springtime exam assignment, and therefor also got some extra help making the instrumentation better sounding.
"I Know a Man" was not supposed to be released - ever. When I first startet using ProTools at home (springtime 2020) and tried out the church reverb, I thought it was so cool I started improvising while recording. When I later assembled the record list, I decided to add it.