Dear Old Bandit

Lyrics by Lene

Written 09.11.2020
A# (G capo 3)

Dear old Bandit Where will you go
When summer is over and nothing will grow
Will you hide away somewhere surrounded by clay
Or fly to where summer will never go away

Dear old Bandit Will you bring me along
Can I walk with you always by singing this song
Through the season of winter and beauty of spring
To you I’ll be running To you I will sing

Sweet old Bandit There’s so much to say
I’ll miss you like crazy every day
Some days you’d be diggin’ a hole in my bone
But that’s all forgotten forgiven and gone

Sweet old Bandit Ain’t no-one like you
You bring out the sunshine on days dark and blue
Though your age run before you you’re young as a colt
And when life gets tricky you’re tough as a bolt

Darling Bandit What a beautiful day
I’ll take you out riding and you’ll choose the way
Down by the river or up in the hill
Winter is coming but we’ll be here still
Winter is coming but we’ll be here still