The process behind the album "Jodeley"

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On my very fresh road into the art of producing music I have now arrived to album number three.
My two first albums were (also) recorded at my home, with my MacBook, a simple Behringer sound board, a "RØDE" NT1-A condencer microphone and some different instruments.

The fact that I play the different instruments myself feels a little weird. Two reasons; It's hard to recreate the recorded sound when doing conserts (luckily?) - and - I'm missing out on the dynamic of different musicians coming together with their individual talent and sound. What I'm trying to say is; My way certainly is not the highway, but it's what I can do at this point with what I got.

There are of course ups and downs with my way of recording (at home, playing almost everything myself).
Though the result may not be great, it is a money-saving method, and as a freshman I get a lot of practice playing harmonica, bass tones, mandolin, guitar and slide. Also I learn more about recording, mixing and mastering. Yes, I said mastering... Scary thought to be mastering when you hardly know any basics of recording and mixing.

I use my guitar as a base (I normally tune the darkest string(s) down), and I also used the guitar as a dobro this time - lifting the strings higher to get a better slide sound as supposed to using a slide on a normal guitar where the strings often get noisy from touching the guitar neck.
You're gonna hear the known sound of a washboard twice on this record.
All the instruments I record, are recorded with the RØDE microphone (no jacks).

This past year (August 2019 to July 2020) I have spent the year at a University here at Notodden, studying Blues. I finally learned to bend tones on my harmonica, and got to learn a new recording program; Pro Tools. 
So far (through the first two albums) I have used Garage Band. Now a whole world of possibilitys lie in front of me due to the Pro Tools introduction. 
I also became more of a blues fan, and you probably hear a difference on my taste, methods and vocal on this new album - As well as using pan in my songs for the first time (don't know if this function exists in Garage Band). 

About mastering; I have used a local "master" in Notodden for my recordings, to at least bring a touch of pro' to the songs. I also planned to do this on the "Jodeley" collection, but as I had recieved the mastered songs, I noticed several wrongs from my mixing job - which I felt a deep need to fix. After a year without normal income/lack of money I didn't want to use more money than necessary, so I decided to do the songs over; I recorded some new vocals, adjustet compressors, EQ's etc, and mastered them myself (also in Pro Tools).
In this process I listened alot to the mastered songs finished by the "master" to get volumes and sound somewhat similar. Now I can only hope the result is somehow okey (I don't have good ears for noticing flaws yet).

One of my class mates agreed to play the banjo on one of the new songs; "Foreign Light", so I want to bring this credit to him. Thanks alot Sigve Wilhelmsen! 
Also, thank you Jarle Hedvall Bøen for taking the cover photo for "Jodeley", and Anita Nevisdal for bringing a modern touch to the album cover (coming soon).

Well, enjoy the songs when they are released the first week of August!
I hope my freshman-touches don't ruine the experience.
Have a good summer and a better fall y'all.

Photo: Jarle Hedvall Bøen