"Through the Rain" - The story behind the song

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I was lucky enough to have a year of close interaction with my grandfather on my mothers side before he passed away in december 2016. My grandfather was born and raised on the countryside of Telemark, Norway (Akkerhaugen), and I am actually living at the farm where he and his wife Nelly enjoyed their last years.

Since moving to this farm, I have found a personal interest in the family history, and the origins of grandpa Hallvard. The story that fascinates me the most, is the story of his father Halvor. 
Now, I can't know for sure if I remember the stories correctly, but that's the charm of storytelling going down the generations I guess!

The facts are that my great grandfather knew the struggle of life from an early age. I have no idea how bad he felt or how he coped with it, but my grandfather sure remembered there were some hard times on his fathers life. Now, the rest of the story could be bad memory on my part, but he did fly to America at some point before returning to Telemark - eighter to get a break, or to find better work. 

We all face some obstacles in life, and speaking like a wise man in Notodden; We have to work THROUGH the obstacles, not around them. I know I have to work on this, and I think it leaves a bigger sence of peace and release when we don't just avoid our problems, so this is the message I hope to bring through this song.

Enough said.
I hope you enjoy the song, recorded in the guest room at grandpa's old farm.
You might hear an old 40's Fergusson in the background plowing the field(?) ...I kind'a liked the feeling of it, so I kept the recording :) 

Here's me, a painting of my great grandpa and the -47 Fergusson you hear in the background;